Workshops schedule on 2020

Фототуры сенья лофотенские острова Workshops in Norway

Season: summer

Senja Island

Norway in miniature. One of the most epic islands behind the Arctic Circle. Deep fjords, majestic mountains and sandy beaches – the best location for landscape photography. All this beauty and the midnight sun create perfect conditions for a perfect shot.

Dates: 18.07.20 - 27.07.20

Price: 2000€

Group: 6 participants

Фототур на Лофотенские острова

Season: summer | autumn

Lofoten Islands

The landmark of Arctic Norway. Hiking trails with spectacular views, white sand and stony beaches, and of course authentic fishing villages. Summer midnight sun and Aurora hunting in autumn make this archipelago a true gift for landscape photography.

Dates: 20.08.20 - 29.08.20 | 26.09.20 - 05.10.20

Price: 2000€

Group: 6 participants

Lyngen cover

Exploring tour | Season: autumn

Lyngen Alps

A mountain range in the north of Norway. We set off to explore glaciers, waterfalls, mountain lakes and rocky cliffs of Lyngen Alps. At this phototour we can shot autumn northern nature, nightscapes and Aurora hunting.                                           

Dates: specified

Price: specified

Group: 6 participants